Msn:11367/11391 Fokker F28 Mark 0100

Msn:11367  Fokker F28-0010.

Msn:11368  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11369  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11370  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11371  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11372  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11373  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11374  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11375  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11376  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11377  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11378  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11379  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11380  Fokker F28-0100.

Msn:11381 Fokker  F28-0100.

Registered as PH-JXY  Fokker Aircraft B.V.  CofR 4418  February 12,1992.

First Flight  February 24,1992. (Full Swissair colors.)

Delivery Flight on April 10.1992 to Zurich.

Msn:11381 HB-IVI Swissair.

Photo with permission from Danny Grew.

Photo Date (July 29,1992.)


Msn:11381  F-GKHD  Compagnie Corse Mediterranee.

PhotoJean Pierre Cardon.

Photo Date (January 13,)                                                         


Msn:11381  F-GKHD  Air France/Brit Air.

Photo Peter Leu.

Photo Date (August 25,2010.)


Msn:11381  F-GKHD  Air France/Britair.

Photo  Krijn Oostlander Collection.

Photo Date () 


Msn:11381  F-GKHD  Air France/Britair (Blue titles.)

Photo Joel Vogt.

Photo Date (September 10,2005.)


Msn:11381  Ex.F-GKHD  Air France.

Photo Thomas Posch. 

Photo Date (October 5,2011.)